Snow Removal

The Snow Removal Head and the 200 hp Rear Snow Blower attachment combination is designed to remove up to 2,000 tons of snow per hour from rail yards or tracks and will project the snow up to 150 feet. When our 200 hp Cold Air Blower attachment is mounted above the Snow Removal Head, the operator can use the 9,500 cfm/250 mph wind speed at the nozzle discharge to remove stubborn snow and ice from switches.

Left side view with Snow Clearing Head, Rear Snow Blower and Railcar Coupler Attachments. The blower will deliver 9,500 cfm with 250 mph wind speed at the nozzle discharge. Both the discharge pipe and nozzle have a 180-degree range of movement with 30” of vertical nozzle movement.

Close-up of Snow Clearing Head and Ambient Air Blower

Close-up of Snow Blower Attachment